Golden Corral

The following designs were created while I was working for FRCH and will be appearing in newly renovated locations soon. Through this work assignment I learned the importance of creating cohesive environmental design solutions as well as the skill of using client feedback to make for an end result that all parties can be happy with.


State Graphic

The goal of the restaurant redesign was to modernize the buffet experience, with light walls and windows to brighten the space. The local graphics shown here were created as just the right pop of color in the buffet space. They serve as part of a series, each with an outline of the respective state and within the outline is the state's flower. I collaborated with Golden Corral's marketing department to create a fitting welcome message for patrons to read as they enjoy the new space. 


Party Room Graphics

The picture wall displayed below was created to show off Golden Corral's rich heritage as well as their core values.

Party Room Focal
Party Room Rendering

During my time at FRCH I learned to think about how graphics are going to live in a space. I helped to compile many design development decks for clients (such as the one above). Doing so has taught me so much about attachment methods, substrates, and the ever present concern of sticking to a budget, the latter of which can be applied throughout the industry.